Top 10 Things to Do in Montego Bay Cruise Port

Things to Do in Montego Bay Cruise Port

As one of the most popular ports along Western Caribbean cruises, it’s no surprise that there are numerous activities available to tropical tourists once the set foot on dry land on the piers just minutes from Montego Bay. From exciting and adventurous excursions to slower paced historical tours and animal encounters, there are things to do in Montego Bay for every type of visitor and those of all ages. From the Montego Bay cruise port expanding outward to from the coast to the lush inland part of the island, we’ve compiled the ten best things to do in Montego Bay and you’re sure to find something on our list that just can’t be missed if cruises to Jamaica are in your future plans.

1. Appleton Estate Rum Tour: This particular activity is truly ideal for repeat guests who have visited Jamaica more than once on past Western Caribbean cruises. It doesn’t beat out some of the other activities available from the Montego Bay cruise port, but those headed to Jamaica again will find the tour an interesting look at an important part of the local economy. Guests can watch the process from start to finish from cane grinding to barrel aging and revel in the beauty of the eleven thousand acre estate.

2. Grab A Bite to Eat: Whether you have a hankering from some truly unique local fare or want a taste of something more familiar, there is something yummy for everyone around the Montego Bay cruise port. Familiar finds like Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville give guests some island flavors without jumping too far outside of the box (although the restaurant does feature a water slide, trampoline and hot tub on the roof), while The Pork Pit focuses on jerk cuisine and boasts an open air dining experience. Gourmet dining can be found here as well at The Native, which serves elegant spins on local favorites.

3. Doctor’s Cave Beach: Not all beaches feature the amenities that beach goers are looking for, and that’s why Doctor’s Cave Beach is so popular. Umbrellas, chairs, showers and even food can be found here making a one stop shop for a day of fun for your entire traveling party. The place is also thought to be home to waters with healing abilities, which may be ideal for guests who have come down with a little something during their Western Caribbean cruises. It’s worth noting however that those with a hankering for watersports will want to check out Aquasol (formerly Walter Fletcher Beach), alternatively, as it features a waterpark as well as a wide variety of high thrill activities.

4. Rocklands Bird Sanctuary: It may not be as exciting as some of the exotic tours booked at the Montego Bay cruise port, but a visit to the bird sanctuary, just twenty minutes from the piers, is an excellent way to surround yourself in the lush environment the island is known for, and meet some of its avian residents. Guests can interact with and even feed over twenty different species of feathery friends making for many a chance encounter and memories too. Wildlife encounters are some of the most popular things to do in Montego Bay, and while everyone will surely rush towards the Dolphin Cove, there’s a lot more to the non human residents of the island.

5. YS Falls: Perhaps you have already checked Dunn’s Falls off your to do list; or, maybe you just want some way to experience Jamaica without the crowds, hustle and bustle at the Montego Bay cruise port. Well, YS Falls, with its stunning seven tiers of cascading clear, cool water may be just what you need. It’s nearly an hour’s ride from the piers themselves, however worth every minute for guests who aren’t hip to tourist traps and crowded natural wonders.

6. Great Houses of Montego Bay: Undoubtedly, some of the most popular of all of the Montego Bay Jamaica Excursions are those that take guests by some of the most remarkable Great Houses on the island. These magnificent manors provide a whole lot more than curb appeal, however, and while they’re certainly architecturally amazing, it’s often the history behind then that keeps guests coming back for more. From plantation owner’s homes to those that are now said to be haunted, a truly unique tour with something to pique the interest of just about anyone can be had amongst the Great Houses.

7. Boozing by the Beach: Booze Tours are no less or no more popular on the island of Jamaica than they are anywhere else in the world, but Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay makes for a hip and trendy tourists’ strip that has become synonymous with imperative for first time guests. Visitors here can drink and shop and then drink some more, starting at Margaritaville and indulging at popular posts like the Bobseld Café. A blues and Jazz bar is also found on this strip, which is just s short stroll from the Montego Bay cruise port.

8. Richmond Hill Inn: There are innumerous places to catch amazing views around the island of Jamaica, but for a spot that’s hard to beat that’s still pretty close to the Montego Bay cruise port, consider the Richmond Hill inn, which lies just over ten minutes from the piers. The inn boasts a higher than the rest location above Montego Bay and the terrace offers a place to enjoy refreshments while basking in some of the most amazing views available for guests in Jamaica.

9. Golfing: It’s beachside proximity doesn’t make dry land activities any less fun, and for those sick of watersports and just about jungled out, a game of golf in one of the most lush and incredible environments on the planet is not to be missed. There are a handful of amazing championship courses that are incredibly close to the Montego Bay cruise port, so more time can be spent on the putting greens than journeying to the course. The White Witch Golf Course is particularly scenic and boasts panoramic views of the ocean.

10. Good Hope Great House: While each and every one of the Great Houses found in Montego Bay are impressive in their own right, Good Hope Great House is especially unique because it serves as an excursion all on its own that combines adventure, history, ecology and cuisine all in one stop. It’s no surprise given these facts that Good Hope Great House remains one of the most popular tours booked from the Montego Bay cruise port. Guests can enjoy high tea and lunch in the immense manor, or kayak and zip line on the estate’s fertile grounds.