Top 10 Things To Do In Montego Bay On A Cruise

Things To Do In Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a glorious mix of water, sand, history and natural beauty that is a great stop on a cruise to Jamaica from Florida, or many other departing ports. Make sure your next cruise makes a stop in Jamaica, where you can experience all the things to do in Montego Bay. Here are the top 10 excursions not to miss on your next cruise to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

  1. Dunn’s River Falls. Arguably the best known attraction in the Caribbean is a natural waterfall that cascades down a rocky front, one which you can easily climb to the top of to experience it first-hand.
  2. Zip-lines. Experience the longest zip line combination in all of the Caribbean, when you take the Off Road Safari and Zip Line tour. Take a mini safari and see the native species before the zip line and savour fresh picked local fruits at the plantation before heading back to your ship.
  3. Catamarans. One of the more relaxing things to do in Montego Bay, take a ride on a catamaran in the pristine waters surrounding Jamaica.
  4. Tour the City. No Jamaica cruise excursion is complete without a tour of Montego Bay. Visit Rose Hall Great House and learn about the history of the region. Visit Doctors Cove Beach and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville as well as craft markets and places of interest around town.
  5. ATV adventure. Tour the Golden North Coast of Jamaica on this thrilling adventure.
  6. Negril Beaches. Nothing says relaxation like a trip to the immaculate beaches of Negril. Take a tour there and lounge, swim or participate in water activities. A great choice for a Jamaica spring break.
  7. Horseback Riding. A relaxing tour on a beach is just the ticket for a nice afternoon as you ride along into the sunset.
  8. River Tubing. On the Dunn’s River, this is a great addition to things to do in Montego Bay, a fun-filled excursion for those looking for a great time on the water.
  9. Bob Marley Tour. Take a trip down memory lane to see where this Reggae legend grew up, his influences and the roots of this amazing musical genre.
  10. Bobsled Ride. Yes, in Jamaica. Experience the thrill as you rush down the bobsled run, on this tour. Inspired by the Jamaican Bobsled Team from the ’88 Olympic Games.

Whether you are part of cruises to Jamaica from Galveston, or come to the island by another port, you will find loads of things to do in Montego Bay for every taste and age group. Jamaica has plenty to offer so take advantage of her many wonders on your next cruise.