Turkey Cruises – 7 Best Places To Visit In Turkey!

Turkey Cruises

Turkey is a large country that has been called the place where east meets west and it is just this mix of cultures and religions that make it an interesting place to visit. Turkey cruises can take you to this country for a stop that will allow you to see many different things. Here are the 7 best places to visit while in Turkey.

1. Starting at the Kusadasi cruise port check out the city with its nightlife, resort-town feel and home of the Byzantine Castle.

2. With loads of things to do in Istanbul, this should definitely be on the itinerary. It is a city that is both Christian and Islamic so has facets of each while being rich in history and tradition.

3. The Aegean Coastline boasts beautiful scenery, beaches, archeological sites and many towns all with their own personality and things to see, making it a great place to visit while in Turkey.

4. Turkey cruises that stop in Bodrum give you the opportunity to explore the Castle of St. Peter, and check out the beautiful countryside that lies just outside of this port town.

5. Cappadocia is the home of the rock chimney dwellings and is an interesting place to visit. Go and see the man-made cave homes and the towering rocks in this Turkish town.

6. Pamukkale is an area that has hot springs and lots of naturally occurring limestone and travertine, making an amazing sight of little lakes amid the rocks. It is a World Heritage Site and one that shouldn’t be missed.

7. Antalya—if your Turkey cruise stops here you will see beaches, parks, ruins, natural areas and breathtaking scenery.

Greece and Turkey cruises are a wonderful way to see all the treasures that await you in the different countries and islands in the Mediterranean. They are mostly done on smaller ships that can navigate the narrows better than the mega ships can, giving you a sense of sailing rather than cruising. Eastern Mediterranean cruises should be included on any vacation to this area if you want to see much more of what it has to offer. Flying to just one city won’t give you the experience that cruising will.

Your Turkey cruise awaits and brings with it many varied stops and interesting culture to experience. If you like history, culture, nature and friendly people, then Turkey is a great choice.