West Africa Cruises – Which Cruise Lines Go There?

West Africa Cruises

West Africa is a cruise destination that is still for the most part untapped. Some cruise lines travel to the region, but it is a place where cruise tourism is still very much in its infancy, which is wonderful for the traveller who loves to explore and doesn’t just want the tried and true cruise experience. West Africa cruises take you on a magical journey along the coast where you have the chance to visit many ports of call in many different countries. Imagine partaking in a hammam, a steam bath, just one of the many things to do in Morocco, or taking a safari as part of your cruise vacation. In Africa you can do it all.

Princess West Africa cruises start in Cape Town and end in London, England, allowing you many varied ports of call on their 30-day excursion, new for 2014. The Ocean Princess is the ship that will be your home for the month as you travel to such diverse locales as Namibia, Ghana, Senegal, Spain, Belgium and France.

M/S Cruises have a variety of West Africa cruises from a 24-night cruise from Cape Town up the coast to Senegal or an 18-night cruise from Cape Town to Accra, to mention just two. Both of these cruises stop in various ports so you can experience the rich history and cultures of the nations you visit.
Silversea also offers several West Africa cruises, with trips from Accra to Dakar, and Cape Town to Accra, to name but two.

Saga Cruises is a smaller line which caters to the adventurous over 50’s demographic. They offer West Africa cruises that go roundtrip from Southampton England and over 31 nights show you the many varied sights for an once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Cruises to Africa are as varied as their clientele, and there is an itinerary to please everyone, it just all depends on which countries you wish to see.

West Africa cruises run the gamut from small ships and many ports of call to African safari cruises to adventure cruises for all ages and abilities, and since this cruise market is just starting to blossom, you can be among the first to partake in a cruise to this amazing part of the world. Cruising allows you to see much more of the continent than any other means and gives you plenty of time to relax along the way.