What To Take On A Cruise To Cozumel Mexico?

Cruise To Cozumel

When planning a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico there are several things that you will need to be sure to pack. While onboard, you may spend most of your time in a swimsuit and a cover up but you still need to be sure to pack what you will need for dinner and shore excursions. For any of the many Mexico cruises it is important to remember to pack for warmer weather.

When packing for your cruise to Cozumel, Mexico be sure to make a couple lists. You want one for your suitcase, one for your carry on and one for what you can buy later. For your suitcase you will want to put sleepwear, and your basic clothing including a swim suit and cover up. It is a good idea to also bring an extra swim suit if possible. In your carry on you will want to bring most of your toiletries, in travel sizes in case you have to fly to your port of departure. Be sure they are in a plastic bag so that if they leak, they won’t get on your clothing. Also put at least one sophisticated outfit so that you have something nice to wear to dinner that first night as you may not receive your suitcase until after dinner. It is very important that when packing for your cruise to Cozumel, Mexico that you pack all of your travel documents and papers in your carry on as you may need them.

Many Mexico cruise deals include many fun Cozumel shore excursions. You will want to be sure that if you are shopping or exploring the Mayan ruins, that you are dressed accordingly. Your best bet is to make sure to wear light, comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. If you are going to see the ruins, you may be climbing or walking in rough terrain so a pair of hiking boots or sturdy sneakers will be best. Although Cozumel has a pretty warm climate, you should still bring a light jacket and small umbrella just in case you run into cooler weather.

Whether you are enjoying cheap cruises from Tampa FL or one of the other cheap cruises to Mexico, there are many fun things to do during your cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Do not worry if you have forgotten something because you will be able to purchase almost anything that you need at any of the duty-free shopping areas of this beautiful island.