Whittier Alaska Tours – Kayak or Boat?

Whittier Alaska Tours

Nothing captures the beauty of Alaska better than a tour with Whittier Alaska tours. Whether you choose to take a boat tour or kayak your own way around gorgeous Prince William Sound, the breathtaking sights and wonder of nature will be yours to behold, as you take in the Alaska shore excursions that are offered in nature’s wintry playground.

Getting to Alaska is an adventure in itself, take a Princess Alaska cruise from one of the many scenic ports of call and marvel at the beauty that is surrounding you including the Inside Passage, Icy Straight Point and Tracy Arm, just to name a few. Glaciers, pods of whales and gorgeous views make for a true Alaskan experience. When you combine your cruise with Whittier Alaska tours you are really seeing what Alaska is all about. Taking a kayak on a separate tour from Whittier, you are allowing yourself time to see what you want to see and to stop where you want to stop. As many sights can only be seen by boat, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to really get up close and personal with the best of Alaska’s landscape and marine life. Stop paddling and listen to the quiet, or watch a pod of whales. Take pictures or travel closer to a glacier than ever before; when you are in command of your kayak, it is all up to you.

Taking a small excursion on a boat is the other option if you don’t want to kayak but still want to experience the sights. Many Alaska cruises from Vancouver allow you plenty of time to take this mini adventure within your vacation. Enjoy a feast on the boat as you cruise around the Sound taking in all the wonders that nature has to offer. Best of all, you can sit back, relax and take in the views as you leave all the work to the captain and staff. Whittier Alaska tours have it all in hand.

By boat or by kayak, the world renowned beauty is all around you and it really is just a personal choice as to which one fits you the best; it is, after all, your vacation. Whether you are partaking in cruises from Seattle to Alaska, or are coming in from other ports, Whittier Alaska tours are the ones to see for the stunning glory that this state has to offer.