Zambezi River Cruise To Victoria Falls Review

Zambezi River Cruise

Victoria Falls, alternately known as “the cloud that thunders” is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and found on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa. With its beauty and scope it is no wonder that tourists from all over the world flock to a Zambezi river cruise where the mist and the thundering of the falls can be witnessed firsthand. Like many other East Africa cruises, the Zambezi River offers visitors the chance to see African wildlife and birds in the wild, something that you cannot do anywhere else in the world.

A Zambezi River cruise can be taken early morning, to see the unforgettable sunrise, at lunchtime to see the animals lazing around in the sun, or in the late afternoon for a breathtaking sunset cruise. This trip along a few miles of the world’s fourth longest river is brimming with crocodiles, hippos and wondrous bird life that will inspire and delight everyone in your family. The Victoria Falls tour will take you just close enough to the edge so you can sense the impending drop see the spray in the distance and feel the pounding as the water cascades down to the rocks below; the closest you can get to the spectacular falls while remaining safely on your cruise.

Victoria Falls facts show that it is larger and taller than Niagara Falls and spans the whole 1.5 km width of the Zambezi River. It is the largest curtain of falling water in the world, as the water plummets 100m in its vertical drop and it has the largest volume of water tumbling over its edge per hour than any other waterfall measured by man. A Zambezi river cruise will bring you all of this power and the sheer delight in getting close to one of the greatest natural spectacles we have here on earth.

With many different boats making the trek down the Zambezi, you can choose a smaller craft with seating for 8-10 people or a larger boat which can hold one hundred at a time, depending on your tastes, but the experience will be one that will endure in your memories. No trip to this region is complete without this special African Safari cruise which couples wildlife with a natural wonder.